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Soccerkings Regresa

2017-01-06 14:52:23 by Colombo-design

10 years have passed since the delivery of SoccerKings. We received a neutral reception, I must clarify that the original file was lost and in that yes was the film finished at 100%. We finished it in 2007, the version that currently opened in Newgrounds corresponds to an unfinished version in which features like the selection of scenes are lost, and does not arrive until the moment when The Goalie is going to touch the mouse, from there on Forward everything is unfinished ... Until this year!

We are working with the new techniques of animation and on a platform but friendly than the already known flash. Still pending more news #soccerkings returns.


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2017-01-06 15:00:58


Colombo-design responds:

u think u're so cool? why don't u just... pissed off